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The highest-rated golf colleges for women were UCLA, Southern California, North Caroline, Pepperdine, Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia, Rollins, Stanford and Vanderbilt. Duke had a 85.845 rating compared to UCLA with a 85.612 rating, barely edging them out for number one. Rollins College was the only Division II college named in the top 50 for women. There are a few women’s University golf programs that dominate the women’s golf scene.Top Academic Golf Colleges for Women
The top 10 academic golf colleges for women are, Duke, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Vanderbilt, UCLA, Southern California, Wake Forest, Notre Dame and Pepperdine were all in the running. Again, Duke had a slight advantage with a total score of 91.195 over Stanford’s 90.020 rating. Amherst was the only Division lll ranking at number 24Golf has become a popular female sport with women stars like Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer and Annika Sorenstam lending to women’s golf having a mainstream appeal.Top university golf programs prepare women players for the pro tour and life-style and have become the training ground for future professional LPGA stars.Division I Golf School Programs
Division l status teams are different from club or intramural sports. They are rated/ranked by the NCAA.There are 217 Division l women’s golf programs and each is allowed 6 scholarships by the NCAAHere are a few:University of California LA:
UCLA offers competitive women’s golf teams and boasts a 3,000 square foot putting green, 3,000 square foot tee box, practice facility, exercise equipment and a club repair area.Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees can be earned in many areas such as, Marine biology, ethnomusicology, molecular toxicology, linguistics, French, English (as a second language), space physics, African studies, oral biology, East Asian studies and moving image archive studies.University of California Los Angels
LeConte Ave & Westwood Blvd
Westwood CA 90024
310-206-5570Kent State University:
The Kent State women’s golf team trains on a 10,000 square foot putting green, 350-yard practice range; four target greens, swales and bunkers. There is also a short game practice area, practice fairways and Astroturf tee areas as well as heated hitting bays, a 3,000 square foot chipping areas, a video room with swing analysis and separate study areas.The university has nine campuses with 50 graduate programs and two-year associate degrees, over 250 bachelor degrees and majors in American Sign Language, business, fine arts, anthropology, fashion design, botany, chemistry, aeronautics, biotechnology and exercise science.Kent State University
Kent, OH 44242
or: kentstatesports.comVanderbilt University:
Vanderbilt University offers women’s Division I golf teams. The Conner Short Game Practice Facility and Vanderbilt Legends Club. Vanderbilt offers three greens, five bunkers and a 130-yard practice hole. The Legends Club offers 36 holes of golf with two courses, one par 72 and one par 71.When students aren’t taking swings, chipping or putting, they’re at work in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in fields such as ancient Mediterranean studies, creative writing, computer science, divinity, economics, public health, secondary education, Portuguese, general psychology and special education.Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240

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If you are a stay at home mom then you probably spend a fair bit of time weighing up your future.1. Do you wish to get a job or a career?
2. Do you want to set yourself up financially for the future?
3. Are you simply wishing that your life was a little more full and adventurous?All of the above goals can be achieved through one thing: education.Getting a stay at home mom scholarship therefore can be the break that you need in order to start improving your life, plus the life of your children.Education = No PovertyA large number of families in the USA are living below the poverty line. This alarming statistic is all the more sad because studies show that it is not all that difficult to get yourself out of financial hardship. Having an education means that people are significantly less likely to be stuck in poverty. This should be reason enough to take the step forward into college, university or other education as a mature age student.How a Scholarship Can HelpScholarships provide money for education. They are the best alternative to a student loan because they have no requirement for repayment – you simply receive and spend the cash on your educational expenses.Stay at home moms are in the most need of scholarships and grants. The Pell Grant, provided by the Federal Government, is worth around $5000 and most moms will be eligible as it is open to low income families.Getting a scholarship and commencing your education is the best life decision you will ever make.